Gia and Damazonia Trampling Their Bitch

Gia and Damazonia crush their tiny bitch! The 6 ft1 goddesses stand full weight on their tiny 5 ft 5 little bitch. They stand on his face, stomach, chest, balls, legs, back and add in some mean stomping!

Bonus close up of feet minute has been added to the end of this clip!

Length: 14 Minutes Type: MP4

Clip Preview

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An Extreme Scissorhold Experience

Gia has filmed many clips with Timothy but she wants to push it up a notch and knock him out with every Scissorhold and as may as possible. She start right away with a triangle choke and he goes out quickly with snoring. She gives him a whopping 10 seconds to recover before putting him right into a side scissor. Timothy takes a while to recover from this one…oops! Into reverse he goes…quickly, Gia butt drops on his stomach to wake him up with her sadistic smile. Gia sits him in front of the bed to get him into another scissor, he is not looking good at this point and can hardly open his eyes, and he goes again!But that one was so fun she wants to do it again! Then there comes a few side scissors, which he drops off the bed…oops. Gia picks him up and puts him in a body scissor as he cries. Phew only 2 mins left that’s the good news and the bad news! Next is Gia’s signature forearm/leg scissor cutting right into his neck, where yet again he falls asleep and snores, convulses. Wonder how many knockouts that was? Cause we lost count!

Length: 10 Minutes Type: MP4

Clip Preview

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