The Making Of An Amazonian Queen

From a young age I’ve had a taste for playing rough. I always preferred to play with boys more than girls and was dissatisfied with low impact sports. This led me to play rugby for 7 years at a National level. The more physical and strenuous the activity, the more I enjoyed it. 

As a young adult I began my career as exotic dancer during which I fell in love pole dance and competing. Doing this for years got me into the best shape of my life, my strength was so unparalleled! I found myself frequently beating my male friends at arm wrestling, and this made me hungry for more.  I regularly had to stand up for myself, and often found myself getting into fights with disrespectful men. I began to realize that I enjoyed the thrill dominating men and putting them in their place. It became very clear to me what I was made to do! 

I began wrestling over 8 years ago for a producer and soon after I  began domination sessions. Both of these experiences collided as I became “Tall Goddess Gia”. 

I am bubbly and inviting but am ruthless and show no mercy. I enjoy watching men suffer beneath me to show their dedication and servitude towards me. I love what I do and am constantly evolving through my experiences and clients exploring fetish. I very much enjoy the psychological aspect of kink and the connections that I make through the BDSM and the session wrestling community. 

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