Where I Will Be Visiting For The Rest Of 2019

Mikayla Gia and Tiny TexieSo I just realized that I have been so busy that I haven't written a blog post in 2019! So before I go a year without it, I will catch you guys up with what is in store for Tall Goddess Gia since my instagram keeps getting deleted and I can't go live anymore and I refuse to use snap chat... I don't like snap chat lol.                                                              Each month I have been travelling from the US to Europe and throughout Canada. I absolutely love travelling and meeting the most unique wonderful people. In the spring I went to Europe first the first time. London , Amsterdam, Switzerland, Italy, and Greece, I do hope to come back to London in Gia in EuropeNovember 2019 and I may have some time to visit a few other spots in Europe if they are sponsored or the demand is high. So please send me an email (with your name, age, weight, height, type of session and location).                                               I have also been flipping my house at the same time with all of this travelling the contractors have been working 5 months straight for my total reno and I just moved back in so while this was happening I decided to do lots of trips.              This month I went to my first Fetcon in St.Petersburg Florida where I stayed with Mikayla Miles and filmed with lots of Models including Jasmine Mendez and Tiny Gia and JasmineTexie! I have a few more clips coming out with Tiny Texie very soon! Oddly enough Mikayla and I didn't film any clips together that week, I know you guys have been asking but you will have to order a custom. In September Amazon Amanda, Mikayla Miles and myself will be travelling together for an East Coast tour. Check out my travel dates we will be available for double and triple sessions too for the brave!