So You Want to Serve Me?

So You Want to Serve Me?

You dream of the day that you will get to kneel before me. But do you know how to properly serve a Amazon Goddess? If your reading this you are doing a good job as a a slave. Learning all about me what I like and what I expect so you can earn a spot in my presence.



Tributes can be howler much you chose to “tribute” obviously the more the better this is going to work out for you. This shows that you are taking this seriously and that you want to spoil your possibly soon to be Queen. The more you tribute the more attention you will receive. I get loads of messages everyday so make yourself stand out. Show that your worthy enough for me to give you my time and energy.


Once your tribute has been received make sure to message me and let me know it was from you. Purchase and fill out my Slave Application sending it back to me. Following the easy directions that I have clearly stated. Can’t find the answer look harder, I’m very organized and direct most of the answers are on my website do your research and don’t waste my time asking a stupid question that is already out there. That will annoy me a lot and your future will probably not have me in it.


Support Me

Buy my clips! Binge shop on my Clips4Sale and iwantclips stores. Spoil me with items off my wish list. If items are no longer available on my wish list that means you were to slow to purchase and now I’m disappointed. Follow me on my social outlets all of the links are on my website which is super easy to use and has links to everything. When you are following me promote me retweet and reshape making sure to properly tag my pictures on Instagram.

Did you see me post a bill to my Twitter? Pay it, making Goddess Gia happy should be your main priority.


First we start with Skype sessions that I will schedule with you when you have been a good slave following above instructions. The more you send the more time I will be interacting with you.



Your dreams finally come true when we meet in person and you kneel before me. I know what you like at this point, I know what’s best for you, you are putty in my hands. I post where I travel to next on my website, if you don’t see your location you can sponsor a trip for me to visit you or I may suggest you travel to me.