My Vegas Trip

Had a wonderful time in Vegas meeting some newly addicted subs and beating up some men, you know what I do best!

Sexy SolesAside from my main client who brought me down there ghosted me when I arrived and pulled some bullshit, Brian Moreau yup I called him out. You disrespect me and waste my time don't expect to get away with that! If you are going to sponsor a trip for your favourite Dom/ Session Wrestler etc. expect to pay all fees hotel and travel upfront, we are professionals and this is our work, respect people! It is unfortunate that some dumb asses ruin it for the good clients and that's why we have these demands.

tramplingI had some amazing sessions in Foot fetish worshipping with massages. A trampling session where i laid out the red carpet for myself in the picture shown lol. I love doing humiliation sessions. I have been doing them for years. After our session I made him wear the frilliest panties and painted his nails pink when we went out for dinner after our session where I made him do all sorts of stuff that was very entertaining for me. Humiliation and slave training sessions as well as a bunch of wrestling sessions. I also had a bunch of wrestling sessions, you guys think it must be easy to wrestle me and when and than usual you are taken back by my strength and then I have you trapped like prey!

I also got the pleasure of filming with a few producers and with the wonderful Jennifer Thomas! Jennifer and I filmed a bunch of clips and some are not even released yet. We di some size comparison's, our height difference is crazy! I am actually a full foot taller than her! We also made a lift and carry clip where i give her shoulder rides, piggy back rides and cradle lifts. We also have some wrestling clips a Part 1 and Part 2 which,  I will be releasing soon in my clip store so stay tuned!

Pretty FeetSo after all my sessions I had a day where I booked myself a spa day. I started with a mani Pedi and if you know me well then you know my favourite shade of nail polish is black. After my nail appointment I googled a bunch of places and than decided on Imperial Spa. So when I got there it turns out that it was a Korean Spa which I have never been too before. I walked in and everybody was naked, wasn't prepared for that lol. At first I was a little iffy but then you just become comfortable with it. I had a body scrub which was interesting lol. This adorable asian lady laid me on this plastic looking table that looked like it was out of Dexter and size comparisonliterally scrubbed my whole body it was amazing! Then I had a deep tissue massage, now I like my massages really rough! I work out 3-6 hours a day between, gym, jiu jitsu and work not including sessions so I am always in need of a professional massage. So she ended up hopping up on the table and using her feet. She was holding onto these bars on the ceiling and pressing with her feet and sliding. At one point i thought she was gonna take my head off but I was super tight in my neck and I definitely felt taller walking out of there. I highly recommend that all foot fetishists get a massage like that lol!

After the spa I flew to California for 2 days to party with my girlfriend. It was an amazing time. I posted a bunch of trips on my iwantfanclub account where my  loyal fans and I hang out. There you will find all my behind the scenes and the too naughty to post on my website or social media stuff. it's like face book but R-Rated and no one reports me lol.