How I Got Into Female Domination

Many of you ask how I got into wrestling. Well 8 years ago I was working as a dancer and this short little iced out man walked in. I'm attracted to shiny things so I went over to chat. We had a great chat and I asked what he did and he told me he made wrestling videos. I'm like what do you mean you  do wrestling videos? He says I films clips of women basically beating me up and girl on girl wrestling. I'm like that's fucking awesome I want to do that! He was surprised of how excited about this I was LOL....and then baby GIA was born! That small man was Chadam of CPL Wrestling who I am forever grateful for.

As a teenager I took karate, kick boxing, jiu jitsu and jiu jitsu as a teenager and trained religiously (but unfortunately had to stop as I hurt myself overtraining.) Funny enough when I had matches I had to fight the boys because I was too much bigger than the girls LOL and yes obviously I won the matches against the boys! My favourite was jiu jitsu as am very bendy and enjoyed all the tumbles and flips so naturally when I started wrestling I instantly loved it. 

wrestling You can watch many clips of me wrestling Chadam at